Our Purpose:

Celebrating God's goodness as we grow together. 

Our Mission:

Celebration Church exists to help you know God, connect in community, discover your design and live with purpose. 

Our Values:


Community // We are family. Life is better in the context of authentic relationships.



Next Steps // Growth happens one step at a time. Everyone has a Next Step with God.

Celebration // We passionately celebrate God’s goodness and grace. Nothing is better than celebrating God together.



Excellence //  We always bring our best. Excellence honours God and inspires others.



Team // We are better together. The local church is the hope of the world and we can accomplish infinitely more together than apart.



People // We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Jesus. We are the Church and we exist for the world.



Encounter // We pursue God’s presence above all else. Period.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that God is good all the time!

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us. It was written by people under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is completely accurate, authoritative and applicable to our everyday lives.

We believe there is only one God who exists eternally and is the Creator of all things. God exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each member of the Trinity is fully and equally God, yet personally distinct from one another. God is totally loving and completely holy.


We believe that sin has separated each of us from God and His purpose for our lives.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ as both God and man is the only one who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless life, died on the cross in our place taking the full and complete punishment for our sin, and rose again to prove His victory over sin and death and to empower us for life.

We believe that forgiveness and ‘new birth’ are a free gift acquired through faith in Jesus. We exercise our faith through repentance, belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, and confession of our sin. We believe this is all that is required for salvation and once a person has done so they are eternally secure.

We believe that in order to live the holy and fruitful lives that God intends for us, we need to be baptized in water and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an empowering work of the Spirit which is distinct from the regenerating work of the Spirit which is offered to every Christian at salvation.

We believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit included in the New Testament continue to be expressed in the church today and are subject to the order prescribed by Scripture.

We believe in the power and significance of the Church and the necessity of believers to meet regularly with a community of fellow believers for worship, instruction, fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.

We believe that God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and blessed lives in order to help others more effectively.


We believe in the bodily resurrection of everyone who has lived and that our eternal destination of either Heaven or Hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised.

Although these are our core beliefs, this is hardly an exhaustive list. If you have a question about Celebration Church’s position on a specific topic, we highly encourage you to speak with Lead Pastor, Lance Tweedie.