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What is Love Project?

The local church exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus, the sign and symbol of His kingdom here in our local community. That is what Love Project is all about! Love Project is how we as a church love our neighbour and show them God’s love! There are a lot of ways to get involved with your Celebration Community, your family, or on your own. Join an ongoing Love Project, jump in to one of our seasonal Love Projects, or go serve alongside of one of our amazing friends in the community!

If you want to be involved with our outreach team, be a part of the team preparing and giving gifts to friends in the community, or advocating for the needs in our city reach out to Pastor Robbie about joining the Love Project team! 

Celebration Communities Love Projects

We are the church and we exist for the world! When our Celebration Communities gather together to Learn the ways of Jesus and encourage each other as they grow, one of the things every community is encouraged to do is commit to a Love Project. Many groups go together and serve with one of our Friends in the community, and some develop their own ways to go and Love their neighbour!


Ongoing Love Projects

These are churchwide Love Projects that are always happening! Jump in at any time and begin to show our city who Jesus is!

Love Project Kits

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Love Project Kits are the way that everyone at Celebration Church can be empowered to go and show our neighbours that they are loved. Whatever the need, when you put together a care package using the Love Project Kit material, you are showing your neighbour that you love them - because God loves them! These kits can be used for anyone who needs to be shown some love, however, they were birthed from the command of Jesus to love the least of these.


How often do you see a neighbour in need asking for help? How often do you pass someone vulnerable and hurting in need of some love? We as a church want to show the vulnerable and hurting neighbours in our city that they are loved and their life matters! So pick up a Love Project Kit at Guest Services on Sunday, or request one be set aside for you by clicking here. Then fill it with some items that meet practical needs, write a message of encouragement on the card, and give the kit to a neighbour in need! You can also pack kits and bring them back to the church to be distributed through the Love Project Outreach team! Here is a link to the guide on how to pack and distribute a Love Project Kit.

Outreach Team

Jesus’ response to our darkness was to bring light into the dark places, and in doing so bring life! This is the model we want to follow by going into the places of hurt and brokenness in our city, meeting with our neighbours in need, particularly those facing homelessness. Our Outreach Team brings food and supplies, Love Project Kits, and takes time to get to know our neighbours, sharing stories, praying with them, and helping to remind them that they are not alone. As we build relationship with our vulnerable neighbours in the city we work to show them Jesus and make His kingdom a reality here in the city! If you want to get involved in our outreach or any other role on our Love Project Team speak to Pastor Robbie.

Seasonal Love Projects

These are some of our bigger Love Projects that we run at specific times of year to address specific needs. These are great one-off Love Projects for you, your family, or your Community to get involved in as a way to begin Loving our city!

12 Days of Giving

Our biggest Love Project of the year! Christmas is a time where more than ever our Friends in the community and individual neighbours in need could use some extra help. So in November, we take up a special gift of generosity to pour into our city. For 12 days in December, our Celebration Communities share some extravagant love with individuals and organizations around our city! Some of our 12 Days Love Projects include: Christmas dinner for a local school, Supplies for BLs Little Free Pantry, Christmas Baskets, Free Groceries, Food Stockups for local organizations and more!


The 12 Days of Giving 2023 offering takes place Sunday, November 23 so be sure to plan your gift of generosity! Have a great idea for 12 days? Let us know here


Food Drive

More than ever our city has a problem with food insecurity. Our local food bank helps to supply food to individuals, as well as organizations who are able to serve those in need. We are thrilled to be a part of the One Church City Wide Food Drive every summer! Individuals, families and Celebration Communities can sign up to deliver flyers throughout our neighbourhood, then on collection day drive the route and collect food! Not only is it a great way to serve our city, but an amazing way to meet our neighbours and show them that we love the people of this city!

More to be Announced!

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