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Praise the Lord! 

Celebration Church Family, we have some incredibly exciting news to share! I hope you will take the time to watch the video update and get all of the details - however here are the highlights:


Beginning of this week the papers were submitted, and in what we can only describe as a miracle....We have occupancy! For the details on what that means and does not mean please see the video update - but the bottom line is we are back in our facility! Certain projects (like the stage and the Kids Church wall) will have to wait until the permit is fully closed out in a few months, we are cleared to begin to do our ministry from our home base! 


Our first worship service back in our Church home will be Sunday July 7th!  

This means that for Sunday June 30th we will still be gathering at the Boys and Girls Club (2 Edge Street) for worship. Our building has been a storage facility and construction zone for the last 6 months, so there is some preparation we have to make. Since this is our family home we are asking for anyone who would like to be involved in helping to clean, set up, and prepare our space for worship to come on out! You can use this link to let us know when you can come and what you would like to help with and we will ensure you have everything you need! 

There is more than just the physical preparation however, as we also recognize the need to re-dedicate this house to the Lord. This facility is nothing more than a tool that God has given us to use to build His kingdom, to love His church, and welcome those who are far from Him to come home! So we need to keep this at the forefront of our mind and surrender this space to King Jesus! So Sunday June 30th following the Service, we will pack up our gear for the last time, unload it, and then pray through our space! We would welcome everyone to come and join us!

Then beginning July 1st we are calling a 21 days of prayer to dedicate the space, and our Church - this family of people - to King Jesus. We will have prayer encouragements online and in the app every day, but will open the church building for an hour of prayer together at 6pm, Monday-Friday for those 21 days! 


For the upcoming weeks Kids Church will look like this: 


Toddlers & Kinders (3-SK) - Check in at 9:45 and go to the toddlers classroom.


Elementary (Grades 1-6) - Join us for worship, dismissed to class from there. 


2 & Under - With parents. Our Parent room will be set up as a quiet room with things to occupy the little children, and the screen and sound wired in so parents with little ones can connect and participate while having a place to be with their youngest kids. 


We are looking to grow the Kids Church team to allow us to reopen Nursery earlier than September, so if you may be interested in serving in Kids Church please let Miss Ariane know by following this link!

Over these last six months we have been in a bit of a wilderness scenario, as God moved to get the building work done, but more importantly shepherded us as His people. Shaping us through these months of discomfort, challenge and stretching into the people God has called us to be. A people who are pursuing King Jesus above all else, and walking obediently into what He has called us to. 


We exist to build a community that helps one another to love God, learn the ways of Jesus, and live with purpose - so that our city would see Jesus and find life in His name. 

So why are we so excited to move back into our home? It’s not because we want to have a cool and comfortable place, we care about being able to love and care for one another well! We want to create space to welcome our whole Church family to connect, and to welcome those who are far from Jesus to come and encounter His love! 

So join us in praising God for what He has done for us, and in praying that He would continue His great work in us, so that our city would see Jesus and know His life changing love! 



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