The Bible is an awesome gift God has given you to prepare you for your purpose.... But sometimes, it can be hard to understand, engage with, and apply. Over these 4 weeks we help you to grow in your understanding, engagement, and application of scripture. Perfect for anyone who wants to grow in their understanding and love of the Bible - whether a beginner or a seasoned Bible reader.

On Zoom Tuesdays @8pm for the month of May.

What is the Bible? What isn't the Bible? What is the big story? How do I make sense of what I'm reading? This is what we are talking about this week!

Week 1// Understanding the Bible

Tuesday May 4

Week 2 // Setting the Table

Tuesday May 11

Week 3 // Engaging and Applying the Bible pt. 1

Tuesday May 18

Before you can have nice meal, you have to set the table. Before you can engage in the Bible, you have to prepare. What are the questions you need to ask before you read? How do you get ready to understand? This and some practical tips for creating times to engage in the Bible!

The Bible is open, the table is set - now what? We talk about ways to engage with the Bible that are meaningful, and create space to meet with Jesus. 

Week 4 // Engaging and Applying the Bible pt. 2

As we wrap up our time together we explore some more practical ways to engage with the Bible that lead to transformation. Because the conversation really begins when we close the Bible and respond to what Jesus is inviting us into!

Tuesday May 25